Journey of awareness into our work place

| Singapore Retreat 2014 141107 Discussion Group 2B (4:10-8.12)

I don’t encourage yogis to practice by moving slowly because none of us slows down in daily life. So, if we practice slowly on retreat, we cannot transfer it to daily life.

Whatever you do, you can be aware if you don’t hurry [yogi’s note: check for eagerness]. You need to know how to watch your emotion; if you hurry, hurry, awareness is gone. When anxiety and worry comes, awareness is gone.

You don’t have to be aware of every detail. Just one thing at a time is good enough; but try to make it continuous. Then, you can maintain awareness.

At work, you must be skillful in watching your thoughts too because you are often thinking of more than one job. Awareness must be fast.

Habit! Practice! You need to practice seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling for a long time; try to be skillful in watching many objects as objects. Then, your awareness becomes faster and faster.

Your awareness must be ready all the time. If you can maintain awareness, the mind is calm and fresh. Then you can think how to finish your job well.