Old habit of pushing the mind to watch breath

| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 4 Discussion Group A (0:50-4:24)

First, change your idea about what meditation is. Meditation is about being aware; so long as you’re aware, it doesn’t matter what you’re aware of. And the object can change or remain the same, but you recognize that there’s awareness (put your attention on the awareness).

Second, you need to remind yourself regularly, or check in with yourself with questions like: Am I aware? Do I know that I’m aware? Have I got lost in thinking? Am I present? Ask yourself questions to ensure that you’re still here.

And third, open your eyes. Don’t do sitting meditation with your eyes closed.

You’re going to make the mind work actively. It’s not a passive knowing; it’s a more precise and specific questioning. What do I know? Do I know only this? Does the mind notice anything else? So, really asking yourself questions deliberately about the practice, about how you’re being aware, or what you’re aware of.

That will help the mind to be actively engaged.