Checking is wisdom mind working

| Singapore Retreat 2014 141108 Discussion Group 4B-4A (17:25-19:38)

When mindfulness uses wisdom to try and be mindful, it’s not only trying to do mindfulness anymore; it’s actually checking – checking how mindfulness is working and if it is working. It’s not so much the doing effort, but the following up – checking for the weaknesses, the cracks in the process and filling those.

Checking is more meaningful because there is more intelligence, wisdom being used.

When you’re checking, you not only see more detail, you also discover more because you’re checking what you might have missed. You notice other things.

Checking is similar to investigating. Also it is not looking for something, it’s checking for what’s happening right now. It’s a kind of awareness.

I like checking. And sometimes it’s not only checking, but double checking.