having the right objective for meditation

| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 4 Discussion Group A (32:10-36:35)

It’s very important to be clear about our objective for meditation. We should always use meditation and awareness as a means to become more aware, to understand more; not to become peaceful or to sleep. Stuff all these sneaky things that come in!

We are aware so that we will learn something.

At home, when we’re quiet and not being aware, we tend to be lost in our daydreams; we start to think. Mostly when the mind is still, it either sleeps or thinks.

When it has nothing else to do, it will either sleep or think. But now, we train it to be aware.

So, if we put the attention on the awareness, the right effort to continue to have some awareness, we won’t be lost in our daydreams – we’ll notice that thoughts keep arising, that these things arise in the mind because we’re trying to be aware.