When the awareness slips away

| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 8 Discussion Group A (0:59:16-1:00:43)

You have to remind yourself “Am I aware? Am I aware?” Every now and then ask: “What is the mind doing?” “Is it here or thinking?” Check, check, check.

You must keep reminding yourself, then the awareness will keep coming back.

That reminding is called right thought. You can actually practice this reminding ourselves, this right thought by just telling ourselves to do it. And when you keep repeating it throughout the day, it helps the mindfulness to keep coming back.

Ask yourself: “What is happening in the mind? What is the mind thinking now? What is the mind feeling now? Am I aware? What is the awareness knowing?” Just checking like that, just reminding yourself very often.

If we keep reminding ourselves, the awareness starts working also.

There’s not only one way to be aware – it’s not only when you try to be aware that you are aware.

If you think about awareness you become aware; if you remind yourself, you become aware. There are different ways to help awareness to become present.