| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 8 Discussion Group A (48:51-49:58)

Whenever there is this thought that something is ‘me’ comes up, recognize that the mind is thinking this is ‘me’ doing it. Sometimes we think of it as free will. And whenever it sees the mind as less personalized, recognize that the mind is seeing it as less personalized.

Otherwise, when you think about going home, you think that’s you. And when you watch the thoughts and you have no control over the thoughts, you think there’s no free will.

There’s this switching between thinking something is impersonal and something is personal and believing in the personal and not realizing that you’ve just personalized what is also being seen.

As for the thoughts, you have been observing them for so long, you can talk about them as though they’re happening on their own, but other times we think we’re thinking, right? But they’re all part of the mental stuff.

It’s delusion that personalizes the thoughts – it’s not you either.