| Maui Retreat 2016 Day 1 Morning Instructions (54:28-56:35)

What makes you recognize that you’re watching greed?

Most of the time, it’s because of what we’re thinking or feeling in the moment, right? And we’ve called it greed. We recognize that there are signs of greed in the thinking and feeling.

But the thought is not greed, right? Thinking is just thinking. And the feeling is not greed either; the feeling reflects greed, but the feeling is not greed. Feeling is just feeling, right?

So, what is greed?

It is through this sort of process that we can get in touch with the nature of greed because we call it greed but we’re watching our thought or our feeling, and then there is some quality that we recognize that is behind it, which is not the thinking or the feeling. Can we get in touch with that quality?

So, our thoughts and our feelings are like the gateway for us to access greed or aversion or delusion. So, we need to use thinking mind; we need to observe thinking mind so that we know what is the quality that is emanating from it – that it is hiding or displaying.