when the mind is unwholesome, every thought is negative

| Singapore Retreat 2014 141107 Discussion Group 2B (49:46-51:49)

A yogi when he saw the Buddha statue, he heard his thoughts say: ‘Throw away the Buddha image!’ He was shocked. Thereafter, he never went to the monastery again.

When he talked to me, I said: ‘This is nature.’ When unwholesome mind is present, every thought is negative. That is nature.

So, you need to grow yourself – if you can build up your wholesome mind, then everything becomes positive.

The monastery is not the problem; the Buddha statue is not the problem. The Buddha is not angry at you!

If I don’t explain the nature of the mind, yogis can stop doing good things. I need to give them the right information.

This is the nature of the mind. When the mind quality is not good, when you are suffering, you cannot think good things; also cannot talk nicely, right? This is a process; there is nobody there.

If you can understand the nature of the mind, you can easily forgive other people. If he is angry, he’ll talk bad things; this is nature.