check your expectations

| Singapore Retreat 2014 141107 Discussion Group 1B-1A (51:35-54:17)

Don’t expect anything – motivation is important. Even if you want to understand – that can be a problem too.

Just watch the mind, that’s enough.

When your mind calms down, just continue to maintain the awareness and peacefulness; don’t expect wisdom to arise. Just maintain this first, and collect information – peaceful, information, peaceful, information. That’s enough.

When nature matures, understanding comes by itself. You need to be very patient. Nature takes time; nature cannot hurry. [Yogi’s note: Understanding takes time; understanding cannot hurry.]

I know that people have their life problems; they want to meditate to solve their problems. That’s also a kind of wrong attitude. If you meditate and you get the result, after getting the result then you can deal with your difficulties.