Nightmares and painful thoughts

| Singapore Retreat 2014 141108 Discussion Group 3B (9.02-11:27)

You don’t have to recall the dream to address it. In the moment you’re feeling shaken you just need to watch the feeling of being shaken.

The concepts that bring on our emotions are not important. We never need to bring up the concepts to address the issue. We just have to address the reality that is happening at the present moment, which are our emotions, our feelings, our reactions; that’s what we need to address. So, we need to watch those.

In dreams and thoughts, the story is never the object of meditation. It’s the reality of the experience of thoughts [yogi’s note: dreams are just thoughts while we’re sleeping], that they arise; and if there are emotions and feelings, we watch them.

If you find that feeling difficult, remind yourself that a feeling is just a feeling; a state of mind is just a state of mind [yogi’s note: and that they are happening now].

A thought is just a thought; and when the thought is over, the thought itself is over, the effect is left behind. We deal with the effect, but we don’t have to go into what the thought is about.