craving is hungry for results

| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 2 Discussion Group A (10:25-12:17)

You don’t need to get out of the craving; you need to recognize and watch it.

If you can detect the idea, look at the idea and notice how it makes the mind feel.

The way we ask questions, we say: I don’t know how to get out of it; what should I do?

Our question should be: Do I know it? Usually, the answer is: Yes. If I know it, then I should continue to be aware of it, right? Am I aware of it with right view? Remember the 3 yogi jobs.

The learning will come with time – it’s not that you’re going to watch it now and learn immediately. So, you need to allow yourself to be with it – recognize it, recognize its signs, recognize what it does, that’s the learning that’s going to happen. Eventually, when the mind realizes that this is really not helpful, then it will learn.

We all have this – we all think that when we know something, that we should be learning something immediately and it is going to go away, right? But, the first step is just to know, the recognition that there is awareness of it.

The noticing is good – continue to observe it, to learn about it as in to know what is happening to it, not how to get rid of it, or how to deal with it. Know what is happening to it.