Let it happen and just know – don’t force to be aware

| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya Vassa English Interviews 3 September 2017 (23:45-25:40)

Just know, just know. I don’t want to say ‘Be mindful or be aware’. I like to say ‘know’ because knowing is more relaxing. When we say ‘aware’, sometimes people use a lot of energy.

Let it happen (elsewhere: meditation object must be natural) and know. This I learn from young – when I was young I liked to try to know whatever I was doing. That’s it. After a long time, this knowing became stronger and stronger.

Sometimes awareness is lost, but no problem because we try again and again. Try to know, try to know.

It’s the same with the body process. Run, run, run and how to know? Just think about this – that’s enough. And practice every day. Awareness follows behind and slowly, slowly, awareness becomes stronger and stronger.

People start by trying to be aware with force – they can’t get out of this habit. They try to be aware, aware, mindful, and mindful with a lot of energy. You cannot learn this way. I also tried doing this way in daily life, but couldn’t. So, I ask ‘how to do?’ Try whatever – just know, just know – practicing every day.

You cannot try to be aware by force because it’s not natural.