When you see lots of defilement, don’t forget that awareness is present

| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya Vassa English Interviews 8 September 2017 (43:20-46:35)

You forget that the awareness is working – you’re only thinking that the defilement is happening and judging that the defilement is not good. ‘My mind is full of defilement’ – then you become worried. Because you’re only thinking about the defilement, the object; you forget how much you’re aware.

You don’t have a complete view – you only see the experience, and you forget that awareness is working.

You need to appreciate that awareness is present. You are not concerned over how much defilement is there because it is not your responsibility. It is already there even if you’re not aware, it’s already happening. Now awareness is present, now you know that it is happening. So you should be happy that you’re aware – you need to appreciate that awareness is working. We’re trying to cultivate this awareness quality.

You forget what you’re doing. You only see half the picture – only the experience part; then your thinking cannot be right. You see only the defilements and become upset because you don’t see the wholesome quality that is there. Defilement is unwholesome but watching mind is wholesome. Don’t forget that awareness is present.

If the person only looks at the experience, then liking and disliking are bound to arise. If the person is more aware of the awareness, he appreciates the awareness more and more. The mind is happier that the awareness is still there because it knows that awareness is working.