| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa - Monks and Nuns’ Q&A 1002 (8:53-10:47)

I want to remind yogis a very important point. The ordinary mind normally experiences the object with lobha, dosa and moha.

But now we’re meditating – we try to learn how to watch the experience with equanimity.

For example, when pain comes, disliking comes already; and when peacefulness comes, attachment already comes.

Beginner yogis have this habit – when peacefulness comes, they get attached, and when suffering comes, they resist.

They don’t know, they are not skilful, how to watch pleasant and unpleasant objects with equanimity. They are not skilful yet because there is not enough understanding.

We try to learn – when the experience comes and the mind likes it, watch the liking first. When the liking subsides and the mind is calm again, we go back to the object. Disliking also – when suffering comes, the mind resists. Watch the resistance, and when the resistance subsides, go back to the object.

This is a learning process – much later, yogis become more skilful as they gain more understanding and the wisdom grows. When the watching mind has wisdom, the mind can then watch with equanimity.

Later, when liking and disliking come, the mind does not get attached to the object or resist the object.

This is the first step towards gaining skilfulness in watching any experience.