| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa - Monks and Nuns’ Q&A 0920 (39:20-42:54)

A question of wisdom is not for getting an answer, but to lead the mind to be interested.

For example, I’m aware of seeing, hearing and smelling. After observing these repeatedly, suddenly a question comes: Can the mind notice seeing and hearing at the same time?

Because I keep on being aware of seeing, hearing and smelling, one at a time, suddenly the mind notices that both seeing and hearing are happening all the time. Then the mind asks: Can you know seeing and hearing at the same time, or one by one?

Sometimes the mind notices them one by one, and other times together. Then another question follows: Why and when? The question arises by itself.

It is important for yogis to be interested in what they are doing, in being aware of the experience.

But how to make the mind interested in the meditation object?

The meditation object is not interesting. How to make touching, or breathing in and breathing out interesting? Hot, cold and body sensation – they are boring. How does the yogi find interest in these meditation objects?

Interest only comes when the mind gets close to the experience repeatedly – slowly the mind understands more about the experience in detail. At that time, interest can arise.

For example: breathing in, breathing out, and touching – how to be interested in these objects?