| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa - Nun’s Q&A 0905 (44:20-45:23)

Yogi: We talk about what we observe, but if we don’t know exactly how to observe, we cannot get any lesson from the experience?

Sayadaw: Yes, if the watching mind is not skilful, it is difficult for wisdom to arise.

Yogi: So, it means that even after 10 or 20 years of practice, we’ll not progress?

Sayadaw: Yes, if you’re not skilled in watching the mind – if you don’t understand this process – wisdom cannot arise.

| Right Attitude (04:47-08:50)

The important thing is not to practice with craving, aversion and delusion, and don’t use too much energy.

Don’t try to get what we want – simply be aware of what is happening. Don’t create anything; don’t resist anything. Just try to be aware of what the mind can know.

Don’t fight with the object; don’t complain about the object.

What is happening in the body and mind is nature – think this way. Don’t judge that the experience is good or bad – just watch it as it is.

The main point of right attitude is to have the view that all physical and mental processes, all experiences are not personal, they are nature.

Very simple instruction is to ‘sit comfortably in any posture and be aware of an obvious object’.

From the time you wake up till you sleep, moment to moment, be aware of whatever you’re doing.