| China 2018 Retreat File: 20180527 Q&A 1 (50:22-54:15)

Yogi 1: In walking meditation, I know the movement, but it is not quite clear. Is that right?

Sayadaw: That’s good enough. Just continue to maintain the awareness as much as you know. There’s no need to see in detail. When awareness gains momentum, it can naturally see in detail.

Your duty is: as much as you know, maintain the awareness moment to moment.

Yogi 1: During walking meditation, thinking mind arises, but I can only notice after it has occurred.

Sayadaw: Yes, in the beginning, it is like this.

Yogi 2: In sitting meditation, what should I do when the rising and falling of the abdomen becomes subtle? Should I breathe stronger?

Sayadaw: Let the object be; just continue to be aware of the subtle object. Continue to know that the object is subtle, not obvious; that this is happening.

Because the mind has settled down and awareness has gained strength, the object has become subtle – there is no need to change and make the object more obvious.

The important thing is to continue to be aware.

Sometimes, yogis are not satisfied and want to see the object clearly; craving then becomes the problem.

There is no need to rush in meditation; just be regular. Meditation is like running a marathon, not a sprint race.