|China 2018 Retreat File: 20180528 Q&A 4 (51:10-52:48)

Yogis need to know this. Naturally, the mind reacts to all objects – pleasant objects come, the mind likes, and unpleasant objects come, the mind dislikes. We do this our whole life long.

As meditators, we try to change this wrong idea that if the mind thinks something is good, it likes; and if it thinks it is bad, it dislikes. Now, we don’t think that the experience is either good or bad. How?

We need to understand the meaning of object – ‘being known’. Being known is neither good nor bad because, whether good or bad experience, it is being known.

If we understand the meaning of an object, neither liking nor disliking can arise.

Yogis need to practice a long time to understand this.

Every time a pleasant or unpleasant object arises, we try to change our idea that it is just being known, neither good nor bad. If we understand the object is something being known, is nature, it is then easier for the mind to be aware and learn.