|China 2018 Retreat File: 20180529 Q&A 6 (1:39:00-1:40:50)

Yogi: Normally, my object is anapana. Now I try to be aware of the 6 senses, but I find that the awareness and object become heavy. What should I do?

Sayadaw: If the mental state becomes heavy, and it tires the mind, then there is some strong motivation behind it.

So, you need to check the quality of the awareness, your attitude and feeling.

Just knowing the object is enough, don’t exert too much energy. When you switch to walking meditation, you also need to be aware lightly.

Whatever happens check your attitude and the quality of awareness. If it is difficult, don’t pay attention to this object; change to another object.

Go back to anapana to rest the mind; the mind is used to anapana and doesn’t exert much energy. When you watch other objects, you use a lot of energy because the mind is not skilful yet.

Better still, stay with anapana (use anapana as the primary object) and watch other objects at the same time because you’re used to anapana.