|China Retreat 2018 File: 20180530 Q&A 7 (9:00-11:52)

Yogi: Does ‘everything is nature’ mean that when others do anything wrong we just keep quiet and accept what happens?

Sayadaw: Nature doesn’t mean that you should only remain silent. You should talk when you need to talk.

If you try to be aware when you talk to others, slowly the mind understands how to communicate with other people. Slowly, your speech becomes more and more right.

What is nature? When things happen, they happen because of their own cause and effect and we accept that cause-and-effect (logical) process.

That is the first step; the second step is to think what we need to do next, not just say that everything is nature and not do anything.

For example, if you eat healthily, your body will be strong; on the other hand, if you eat recklessly, your body will fall sick. And, both are nature.

You need to choose which cause and effect process to follow. Every cause and effect process is nature.

When we think of nature, it means that we understand whatever happens is a natural (logical) process. After that, we have to decide what to do next.