How it came to be

This site was built during the end of 2017 winter retreat in Shwe Oo Min Forest Retreat Centre. With total zero knowledge on website designing and development, not to mention the many web jargons that I have to learn and be familiar with, the learning curve through numerous trials and errors during this period is finally well paid off. I wish to express here with deep appreciation the support my roommate, Sheng Bin Chiu gave during this period. His unobtrusive nature in lending support only when required is indeed a precious gift. And in the period of totally immersing in the work, and also in learning to remember to be aware as much as I could in such setting, it was indeed a double bonus for me – having the gift of two learnings occurring at the same time. Sheng Bin, on and off, reminded me of Sayadaw’s precious statement in a wise unintended targeting way – wisdom does not get too close to the object – helps me to back off while working on the site and let Dhamma nature work its wonder. There are also many moments where the incessant guilt of not making full use of the retreat for "meditation" is being met by the voice of wisdom in reminding me again that it is at this very moment, here in the now, that awareness is developed, not elsewhere, not any further than what is already present.

It was also at this time that the Wisdom’s Roar Soundcloud was born from just a tiny inspirational thought of how to make Sayadaw’s talks accessible to yogis on the move. Both these social medias are sponsored by Sheng Bin’s initial generous dana.

I also wish to express here deep appreciation to a few key support people during this period – Lai Fun for her continual encouragement in the dhamma initiative I take on, Nancy Cheah for title-ing the Wise Utterances; to TL Cheong, Mats Nielsen and Henrick Johansson for their images, and to Danny Chin and Igor Prikhodchenko for their skills in improving my physical health while working on the project. My deep appreciation also goes to Sheng Bin, Yang Wah and Sian Sit for their help in the formation of the site. May this site bring surprising interest, clarity, and confidence to your practice.  

Last, but most importantly, to Sayadaw U Tejaniya with deep respect for his wise, kind and continual support in my practice.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Tuck Loon Hor
16 January 2018


The excerpts found on this site are from Sayadaw U Tejaniya's spoken words taken from his recorded talks, locally and abroad, over the years. The excerpts listed on this site are not arranged in any particular order since it is a work of casual dictation by Sheng Bin Chiu (Malaysia), as and when he finds it meaningful and inspiring to put them into words while listening to Sayadaw's talks daily. Most of the excerpts were originally posted in Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya Facebook page.

Sayadaw's style of expressing the dhamma in his limited spoken English is directly transcribed here verbatim unless paraphrasing is required. As such, newcomers to this site may require more right information for what is being read to be thoroughly understood. Visiting will be a very good start. Nevertheless, for those who have attended his retreats and received his invaluable teachings, you would have familiarized yourselves with his style of conversation. We are certain this site will be an inspiration and a good reminder to support all of our continual practice.

On this note, we also wish to express our deepest gratitude to Ma Thet as a translator when Sayadaw travels abroad so that he needs not pay attention to the language but rather gives full attention in sharing the Dhamma with deeper clarity and elaboration.

Unless and until the work here has been thoroughly vetted, checked, or edited for clarity and precision as to what the Teacher truly meant, any error found on this site is solely that of the contributors, and not of the Teacher. 

Our deepest appreciation to our teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya for his kind blessings in giving us permission to develop this site.


The categorization of topics are loosely assembled to suit the compilers' needs and may not be fully accurate with the standard classification.

The words 'see', 'watch', 'observe', 'be aware', 'notice', and 'mindful' are used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Spirit Rock Guided Morning Instruction

A word of appreciation to Douglas McGill for his generosity in allowing us to reproduce Sayadaw's morning instruction given during April 25 – May 9, 2015, which he personally transcribed. And also, if you wish to receive daily Sayadaw U Tejaniya's practice reminder via email, you can also subscribe from his site. Please click here.


All images found on this site were generously contributed by yogis. Some of them came from Sayadaw's personal collection. We are grateful to each contributor, including those unknown, though we may not be able to acknowledge you here. We want you to know that your generosity in offering the images makes an immense difference to this site as you might have noticed. 

Note: The homepage banner image is taken from Sayadaw's own personal collection. The image is taken at Saddhamma Meditation Society, Virginia, USA. Seen on the image is Sayadaw U Tejaniya standing next to the bronze statue of his teacher, the late Venerable Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw.