|China 2018 Retreat File: 20180528 Q&A 4 (1:48:04-1:50:03)

Yogi: How can wisdom grow from being aware, aware, aware?

Sayadaw: Awareness is information gathering; when there is sufficient information, then wisdom can make a decision. 

The duty of awareness is to get information from any experience all day long, and we begin to know more things about the nature of the mind. 

When information is complete, the mind can decide what it is, or how it is happening, or why it is happening. 

For example, how do you feel when you’re alone, with a friend, or with the family? 

The mind quality changes all the time – the nature of the mind is different under different situations and we need to know what is happening in the mind under any situation.

We learn from our direct present experience, not intellectual understanding. Awareness notices our direct experience.

Another example, we all know that anger is not good, but we still get angry. It means that our understanding is no match for the defilement because if we really understand that anger is not good, anger cannot arise anymore. (So, we need to watch and learn more.)