Right Understanding/
Right View (1)

• Right view should be foremost

• Checking if there’s right view

• Right idea of arising and passing away

• Why mind feels strange when right view surfaces

• Right view is not personalizing experience

• Observing with right view

• Knowing and understanding what is happening

• Understanding difference between vipassana and samatha

• Understanding anatta by the mind and physical processes

• Seeing vs understanding the three characteristics

• Questioning to deepen understanding

• Understanding the principle of how thoughts operate

• Understanding cause and effect

• Right view is very important

• Right view about judging

• How to know if the practice is right

• Changing unwholesome habits

• Changing the mind or changing the object?

• Understanding thoughts and thinking

• Compassion towards ‘self’

• Right thinking

• Right view on dana and metta

• The more the understanding, the less the suffering

Right Understanding/
Right View (2)

• When mind is purified, understanding happens

• Understanding the how and why of practice

• Impermanence is an understanding

• Wisdom has patience, while greed has none

• Questioning to ignite learning

• Intellectual understanding is different from realization

• Realizing that seeing and thinking are different

• Understand happiness rather than just indulging

• With understanding, there is a choice not to suffer

• Understanding the value of the practice

• Facing the truth

• Understanding defilements is also Dhamma

• Mind creating concepts is also a reality