|Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Morning English Q&A 180130 (12:30-13:45)

The idea in vipassana meditation is actually very simple because we don’t need to control anything. So, if there’s greed, we just need to recognize that this is greed and continue to see what greed is doing and so on. If it is calm, we know that it is calm; if it is not calm, we know that it is not calm.

If we approach meditation that way, just to recognize what is happening, then it’s very easy; but if we think meditation needs to be in a certain way, then it becomes very difficult to be mindful at home.

It is not that there won’t be defilements; there will be defilements, but we don’t take them personally. We want to observe the defilements; we take them as nature so that we can just observe them.