| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2017 Vassa Q&A 170811 (1:02:35-1:04:25)

Don’t think that the experience must be like this. Let it be – don’t try to control the experience. If we want to understand nature, let nature happen.

That is the vipassana idea, but yogis try to control the experience – ‘this is no good, should not be like this’.

Vipassana idea is different – we want to understand nature as it is. Let nature happen and try to watch and learn about the process. We don’t try to be involved, to participate and control nature. Let liking and disliking happen; so what?

When there is liking, we try to learn from liking; when there is disliking we also try to learn from disliking.

How does neutral feeling come? It comes from understanding; without understanding, the mind cannot become neutral and equanimous. Without understanding, liking and disliking are already there.

You try to be neutral and equanimous, but the reality is that liking and disliking are present all the time. That is right view. Because you’re aware, that is why you can see liking and disliking.