| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya 2018 Vassa Q&A English Interviews 20180925 (05:04-07:55)

If awareness is present, you can see the idea of self. This is not a problem. First, you will see the idea of ‘self’ arising. If there is no self, you can also know clearly there is no idea of self.

Your responsibility is to recognize what is going on. If ‘I’ is there, you recognize the ‘I’ is there. Enough – there is no need to complain. If you resist the ‘I’, that’s also wrong attitude. If there’s a reaction, you watch the reaction first because you’ve already judged.

Wrong view is also a natural process – wrong view is just wrong view. If there’s wrong view, you need to know that there’s wrong view. When there’s right view, it becomes very clear that there’s right view.

If you want to watch your body and mind, right view is very important. Whatever happens is a natural process; don’t judge that it’s good or bad.

You must understand that defilement is also nature – it is a mental process. If you realize that, the mind becomes more free and relaxed. If you have wrong view, then the mind judges and resists the defilement.

If defilement comes, right view must also come so that the next mind is not defilement. If defilement comes and wrong view follows, then the next mind is defilement. It becomes double defilement.