Wisdom can arise when you bring back awareness

| Kalaw 2016 Retreat Closing Guided Meditation (24:07-26:24)

Because awareness mental state is present, wisdom mental state can arise. Without awareness, wisdom cannot come. So, we try to be aware all the time, recognising the object again and again, and slowly wisdom can come. Sometimes, we try to bring back awareness, simple awareness, as much as we can and when the 5 Indriyas are balanced, some understanding can come deeply. So, bare awareness is we try to be aware, that’s all, but understanding arises.

If awareness is present, sometimes wisdom comes although we’re not thinking too much about meditation at that time; just simply bringing back awareness continually. Sometimes this situation becomes balanced, very strange. At times I’m not trying to meditate, just being aware, that’s it.

Any situation, any posture, any job, reminding Are you aware? If awareness is present, wisdom comes and naturally it does its job.

I need to remind yogis about this bare awareness; reminding to bring the mind back to the present moment. Any situation, any time, remember to bring back awareness. So try as much as you can; it is for life.