| USA Maui Retreat 2016
(2016-11/20 Q&A (11:40-12:22))

Negative emotions are always reflected more strongly in the body; and for the positive emotions, we can realize the mental part more easily.

(2016-11/19 Q&A (1:11:49…))

Every time you experience physical sensations that reflect mental feelings, if you would remember this distinction and explore it, slowly the mind will become familiar with it; and when it really understands it, it will always be different. You will always see that the mental feeling is not the physical sensation.

We can’t force it; the mind will come to its own understanding.

We physically suffer so much when we have negative emotions that the mix-up is greater; but if you think of enjoying something, is that in the mind or the body? We more readily recognize the mental part of it, right? There’s the happiness, the mental enjoyment.

When the view is beautiful, what is feeling great? It’s the mind; that’s so clear.