| Singapore Retreat 2014 141107 Discussion Group 1B-1A (59:00-1:01:21)

I started practicing to be free from depression, not to get understanding. If I had some relief, that was enough.

Before that, I had already tried many techniques, many ways to be free from depression – but no way. I did this, did that, but couldn’t be peaceful. Then, I started to meditate. I knew how to practice very well; but I needed to apply the practice. This was my last chance. I had no way out; so, I started to meditate.

I didn’t believe yet, not much saddha. I tried for many days; then, after 3, 4 months of day-by-day and hard practice, I realized that whenever awareness was present, I had some relief.

After I had practiced continuously for 4 to 5 months, one day, I experienced a short, short period when the suffering was totally gone. It was short but very obvious. Then the mind said ‘This is the only way.’ This short experience totally changed my life; it was a most powerful experience, and there was no looking back since.