| Singapore Retreat 2014 141104 Discussion Group 3B-3A (52:10-53:22)

Whether there is rebirth or not, just think of it simply; the birth of anger and we get angry again and again. That’s rebirth, that’s samsara.

Birth is becoming; existence again and again, something comes into being, over and over again.

The experiences in our lives are coming into being again and again; on a simple scale we can understand it’s happening again and again.

Now, we have pleasant experience; we want to have that pleasant experience again and again, we want that rebirth. We want samsara to go on, but we don’t realize that it’s suffering because when we don’t have it, we’re going to be upset.

So many of us, we come to meditate because we want to feel good while we’re meditating. Again, it’s the greed.

We want good rebirth again and again. Again, we’re hoping for samsara, but we don’t realize that.