| Singapore Retreat 2014 141103 Discussion Group 2B-2A (20:30-21:36)

When the mind becomes quieter, the quietness is a state of mind; it’s the background of your mind. All the other things that you see – the busy stuff, the thinking that is happening, that is the activity of the mind; and you must know both.

So, don’t keep bringing the mind towards quiet, which is the state of mind. Because you want the quietness, you think that the mind should not be busy; but the mind is always busy. So, you should know both; recognize that both are the nature of mind – one is the state of mind and the other is the activity of mind.

You think that the quietness is good, the busyness is not good; but actually your mind is knowing what is happening in the mind – there are the state of mind which is quiet, and the things the mind is doing which you can see because the mind is quiet.

Usually the mind is doing things, but you don’t know, right? The stillness gives you the opportunity to see and know the thinking mind. This is your opportunity; you should not be ignoring it.

Don’t keep going back to the quietness. Just recognize both.