| Kalaw Retreat Mar 2017 - Day 4 Discussion Group C (1:03:45-1:05:07)

In times when we stand up for something that is right and we feel anger as well as some wisdom about it, the anger is not our control.

When we have blind anger, there is no more wisdom. But anger only does its job – it gets outraged, but anger is not the one that thinks of the right things to do. Anger is that which makes you feel uncomfortable, like the world is going to end and everything is so horrible. And wisdom is the one thinking “Well I need to do this!”. They’re doing their different functions.

So, you can’t think that what wisdom is doing is what anger is doing. Anger is doing its job, its destructing bit.

The defilements are doing their own work and displaying their own characteristics; the wholesome minds are doing their own work and displaying their own characteristics. But they are mixed and the mind happens so fast that it feels like they’re both there together.

So, we mustn’t mistake the defilement as doing the work of the wholesome mind.