Learn from anger instead of sending metta

| Shwe Oo Min Dhammasukha Tawya SOM Malaysian Interviews 2018-01-09 (1:16:13-1:17:15)

Yogi: I want to send metta to somebody I don’t like

Sayadaw: Your objective is to learn from your anger, not send metta to that person. At that time, the person is not important; what’s important is the anger nature.

The persons you get angry with can change, but anger is the same. We try to understand the nature of anger. If you really understand anger, you won’t ever be angry with anybody. 

If you send metta, it’ll be only for this one person. If you understand the principle, the nature of anger, and use the principle, you’ll never be angry with anybody again. You have a chance to learn by observing anger, why then do you want to change to sending metta?

The tension and suffering you experience by watching anger is something for you to learn.