|China 2018 Retreat File: 20180529 Q&A 5 (1:46:17-1:48:17)

Yogi: I try to observe the whole body and mind by watching multiple objects and cause-effect process.

Sayadaw: If you want to see the whole picture – both the body and mind – you need to know the awareness.

If you can know the mind door, the 5 physical senses come to the mind door. So, you don’t have to follow all the objects. (If we’re aware that seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and thinking are happening, it means that we know the awareness. Since awareness is the mind, then we already know the mind.)

When you can know the mind, you can see the complete body-mind picture.

That’s the reason I emphasize the awareness mind – the awareness knows all objects and when you know the mind, you know everything.

When yogis think about open awareness and try to practice it, they try to be aware of everything. Open awareness means coming back to the mind, being aware of the mind. When that happens, the awareness becomes open because the mind can know everything.