| Singapore Q&A 15 March 2019 Part A (2:00-4:57)

If the mind is drowsy, the quality of mind is not good; just recognize that the quality of mind is not good. That’s it.

But if you don’t accept, if you want the mind quality to be better, then the mind becomes more angry about this experience. Because of craving, the mind wants the situation to be very good, very peaceful, very clear; but what actually happens is the opposite.

The mind is changing all the time; it can’t be clear all the time. Our mind is full of defilement; awareness and samadhi is not good all the time.

Can you maintain the awareness all the time? That’s why. When the quality of mind is not good, it means that awareness, samadhi and wisdom are not strong enough. That’s why drowsiness happens. It’s very clear that it’s cause and effect.

Sometimes when right view arises, the quality of mind will change immediately. But when you don’t have right view, the mind is still drowsy.

If you accept the situation and continue to be aware, awareness becomes stronger and the quality of mind changes.

If you can practice when the mind quality is bad, wisdom can also arise. Don’t complain when the quality of mind is bad; it’s not important, experience is just experience.

If the attitude is right, wisdom can arise.

That’s why the vipassana idea is ‘As it is.’ (Watch neutrally, without interfering.) We try to be aware as it is; we’re not trying to change, not trying to control.