| SBS Retreat 2013 Guided Meditation Part 2 (14:32-16:17)

We’re trying to notice what we think, say or do. In the beginning, we’re trying to know, just know what is happening – this is happening and that is happening.

Even when you blink, know that you’re blinking. Whatever is happening, step back and acknowledge it.

Your duty is to recognize whatever is happening – try to recognize moment by moment (as much as you can). Whatever happens is happening moment by moment.

Experience is always happening – seeing, hearing, body sensations and mental processes – they are always happening. Just try to recognize them.

Something known by the mind (being known) and knowing (object and mind). Be careful of what we’re trying to do – we’re just trying to acknowledge the experience. 

Object is nature, and the knowing mind is also nature – there’s nobody there.