|Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 7 (1:53:35-1:57:25)

Yogi: The pain is very obvious because awareness is good.

Sayadaw: Obvious is not the problem; but the problem is when the mind interprets it as pain. If the pain is subtle and changing, that’s not a problem – if the pain is gross, it is a problem. If you can see the pain changing and the mind is not resisting, it is okay.

If you want to change your posture, then there is reaction in the mind. If the pain is obvious, come back to the mind (watch the resistance). Does the mind really accept the pain? Be open, don’t try to accept.

Pay more attention to your mental state and your feeling. Just check.

If your awareness (the 5 faculties) is very strong, the pain disappears. You won’t feel the pain. The sensation will just be happening and changing, and the mind will not see it as pain. If the mind interprets it as pain, it means that there is anger.

If there is no anger, it is just some sensation happening, that’s all. If you feel the pain, then anger is still there.