| Taiwan Retreat 2018 Q&A 8 (1:19:05-1:19:50)

If there is no anger, metta mind happens automatically. 

[Yogi’s note: you can actually try it out yourself.]

You are not trying to have metta, yet metta arises suddenly, right?

Earlier in the day, there was some anger in the mind. You were watching anger, anger, anger – and when the anger disappeared, suddenly the mind changed. Then, metta mind arose; when that happens, you used the metta mind as an object and continued to be aware.

The metta mind continued to happen because awareness, a wholesome mind, supports the metta mind.

Later, during lunch, when lobha and dosa arose, the metta mind disappeared.

So, if you’re watching anger – when anger disappears, metta automatically comes. 

[Yogi’s note: Instead of generating metta, try dissolving the anger.]