Don’t fix the future

| Switzerland Retreat 2016 – May 28 D4 Group Interview (4:22-6:13)

Yogis are reminded not to have a fixed plan when you meditate. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t even think about how you’re going to meditate – it’s just the present moment.

You shouldn’t think that you’re going to sit an hour because you’re just setting up the mind – if you don’t sit an hour, your mind is going to feel that it isn’t good enough and if you manage to sit the hour, then you are going to feel like it is a good sitting. It’s all delusion – what is the need. Meditation is always continuing; it is just the present moment

So what one hour – after that you must still be aware. It’s an unnecessary construction of the mind.

When we plan, we must be careful of having a fixed plan – thinking it must happen that way. Planning should be just taking into consideration contingencies. Most of the time the mind doesn’t plan like that - it thinks of what it wants – and If it doesn’t happen just the way we think it should, then we have to deal with our frustrations.