| Singapore Retreat 2014 141105 Discussion Group 2A-2B (35:50-37:51)

You’re focusing because you’re afraid that you’ll lose your mindfulness. Don’t be afraid. If the mind goes somewhere, you know the mind goes somewhere, you recognize and return to being mindful, that’s all.

Awareness should just be like this – you put your awareness here and you’re aware; it should be open. But now you’re like you press it hard, you’re trying to prevent it from going away; when you do something because you’re afraid that something else will happen – that’s wrong attitude.

If there are many thoughts, you know that there are many thoughts. Thoughts are a mind object; don’t be afraid of thoughts.

Thinking is not a problem; thinking is just another Dhamma object that we can observe and learn to understand.

We’re usually afraid of thinking mind because we’re afraid we’ll get lost in the story; but I’m not asking you to look at the story, I want you to recognize that the mind is thinking. ‘Thinking is happening; Oh, this thinking is happening’, that’s all. That is knowing the mind.

You know the mind, you know the body; you only have these two meditation objects, right?