| Singapore Retreat 2014 141101 Discussion Group 2A (1:13:23-1:14:56)

Face the anxiety – look at the feelings; look at the thoughts that arise in the mind when there is anxiety. Learn to understand what is the source for anxiety; what the trigger for anxiety is, what the concerns of the mind are when this thought comes up.

The goal is not to be without anxiety; the goal is to understand that anxiety is here, but anxiety is not me. I am not anxious; anxiety is a nature of the mind.

Once you can understand from that perspective, there can be anxiety, but you may not be anxious – you can have it but be free of it at the same time.

Remember, you’re not watching anxiety or any defilement so that it will go away. You’re watching anxiety so you understand that anxiety is nobody; then you’ll have interest – like anxiety has got to be there so that you can watch it and understand it. If you’re watching to try and make it go away, then you will not understand that.