Right attitude for home practice – any awareness IS No waste

| IMS 2014 Dhamma Discussion Group A1 (57:10-58:44)

At home, we’re not so dedicated to watching with so much attention. We might find that at home the defilements are much stronger and we’re not able to watch them.

At home, you might find that whatever happens, you’re not able to stop the bad TV (yogi’s note: the defilements) but you’re aware.
The attitude you have to keep is that as long as you’re aware, it doesn’t go to waste.

You may not be able to win the war today, but you’ll come back for another day. So just keep being aware as much as you can.

Learning still happens as long as awareness continues.

You have to be patient for wisdom to come for that sort of thing; and when wisdom comes, wisdom will help to stop the defilement.